About Wagtails

My name is Sarah Prosser and my love of dogs comes from having had different breeds as a child and later on owning German Shepherds, so I decided to follow my dream of working with dogs and re- train as a dog groomer. My aim is to provide 1-2-1 dog grooming, stress free, with no cages or restraints.


Full Grooms


Puppy Introduction Sessions


Nagayu Skin Treatment

Professional Advice and Consultation -  for nervous and anxious dogs and between groom care advice

Full Grooms

This is the works it includes bath, dry (with no cage dryers), clipping/cutting to your requirements, ear cleaning and nail maintenance.


Treat your dog to a lovely warm bath with all natural bath products leaving your dog smelling clean and fresh.

Puppy Introductions

This allows your puppy to come to the shop to get used to the noises and smells and to practise standing on the grooming table with lots of praise, play and treats. Also a chance for owners to meet me in person to answer any queries or worries.


Is when we remove the loose dead undercoat without damaging the top coat by doing this will bring out your pets natural oils and assists in the hot weather. Some of the breeds that will benefit from this are (but not limited to): Labradors, Collies, German Shepherds and Huskies.

 Nagayu Treatment

Nagayu bathing treats skin conditions which your dog may suffer with such as general itchiness, skin irritations, yeast build-up, crusty eyes, flea and tick bites, warts, odour, dry skin or dandruff. It also promotes coat growth and supports coat and skin health between grooms.

Professional Advice and Consultation

I am always willing to offer advice on dogs that are nervous or anxious during grooming and also on coat care in between grooms to ensure your dog is healthy and happy.

What my customers are saying:

I take my two Cavapoos to Sarah, she always does a wonderful job and takes time to discuss how I want it done each time in detail. Bonnie and Baxter are always pleased with themselves when they come away!! 

I would recommend Sarah she is always so nice.


What my customers are saying:

Sarah is very patient and understanding with my dog who hadn't enjoyed his grooming experience in the past. I think Archi likes being the only dog there.


What my customers are saying:

Sarah always puts Bella at ease and she loves going to the groomers now.  She always looks great and I love the time and attention Sarah gives her. Sometimes she doesn't want to come home!


What my customers are saying:

Both Niamh and Mollie have been to Sarah now and even though both seemed nervous at first as they hadn’t been professionally groomed before Sarah very quickly put them at ease spending time and patience with them both. 

Thank you so much, see you in the spring!